So you’ve decided to start a blog… CONGRATULATIONS! I may be a little biased, but I think blogging is just about the coolest thing ever!

Blogging is going to give you a great way to express your creativity, pour into your passions and make a little money (or ALOT of money, depending on how you handle it)! For those of you who do not want to monetize your site, read on! You still might find some great tips!

Here are the 10 steps to creating a profitable blog TODAY! The best part: setting up your blog can take as little as 15 minutes!

1. Decide on your niche

A niche is your target audience. It’s the group of people you want to reach and attract to your site. Chances are, as soon as you decided to start a blog you probably already knew what broad topic you wanted to write about.

It’s important to “niche down” as they say in the blogging world. If you need more help deciding, check out the building your niche checklist inside of the Free Business Blogging Blueprint eBook.

2. Picking your Blog Name

This is an exciting step! It can also be tough… There are a lot of blogs out there any your first choice of blog name may be already taken! That’s ok! Head back to the brainstorming board and keep going! Don’t let this little hiccup stop you! Once you find one that’s available, be sure to get it before it’s gone!

3. Purchasing Your Domain and Hosting Provider

This is a HUGE step! When it comes to selecting a Hosting provider for your blog, remember to treat your blog like your business. If you were hiring employees to work for you in a store front, you would ensure they are responsible and reputable to represent your business well. The same goes for your host. You do not want your site loading slowly or constantly going down. I have been with BlueHost since day 1 and could not be happier.

I hit some MAJOR roadblocks early on in my blogging career and would not have been able to find my way through without the help of BlueHost. Read more about that in the free eBook below.

Now that you’ve also picked that perfect blog name, you can snag it by visiting BlueHost and following the steps in the Business Blogging Blueprint.


4. Selecting your Blogs Theme

A blog theme is a preset template for how content will be displayed on your website. There are dozens of free themes available on, but there are also a ton of premium themes as well. Be sure you pick a theme that suites your blog well. We go over how to select and install in the free eBook!

I personally love using the Divi theme. I use it on both of my major blogs! It has an amazing drag and drop builder that makes creating a website extremenly user friendly. You can check out their demo video here. 

5. Branding your Blog

There are so many reasons why it’s important to create a unique identity for your site. Your followers will soon be able to spot your brand in the sea of other images and marketing materials they see on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Once they know and love your brand, they will flock to it! Here’s the complete to-do list for creating your blogs brand.

6. Write an AWESOME About Page

There are 4 key components every “about” page should have:

• Clearly state the blog and its audience

• Introduce yourself (touch on uniqueness)

• Include Pictures (not just any picture though)

• Invite them to be your friend. Include links to any social media platforms you are currently active on!

We’ve broken down these steps in this blog post.

7. Start writing Binge Worthy Content

Content is king when it comes to creating a professional. Without high-quality content, your viewers are likely to leave your page before they even finish reading your blog post. Make sure it’s filled with content that captivates them, yet its well organized and clear to understand. We’ve built a 10-step checklist you can check out here.

8. Promote your Blog

You’ve just built a killer blog, let’s start showing it off to the world! Social media is always one of the best ways to promote. Personally, I’ve found the most success with Pinterest, but the best platform for your blog promotion is the one your niche is most active on.

If you think Pinterest might be the right fit for your blog, check out Pinning for Pageviews.


9. Build Your Email List

List Your email list is so powerful! Start building it from day 1!

The days of “Don’t miss the latest news, subscribe today!” are long gone. It won’t lead to conversions. Instead, create an opt-in that your readers can’t resist. A how-to, checklist, manual, or access to a spreadsheet. Allow them to download or view it once they subscribe. You can read a HUGE blog post I wrote on everything emai list here. 

10. Monetize

You don’t want to wait until the pageviews are pouring in to start thinking about monetizing. Operate as a business owner who plans to make profits from Day 1. Check out our eBook on Mastering Affiliate Marketing for a full method to monetizing. A big bonus to this eBook is access to the Affiliate Marketing Mega List! It’s filled with TONS of affiliate progams, organized by niche! I aim to add new programs to it weekly so once you’ve been given access, be sure to bookmark and reference it often!

Ready to start your profitable blog? Perfect! I’d love to help you every step of the way! Click below to download the Business Blogging Blueprint!

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