Hey there, fellow blogger! I am so happy you are here!

I’m Caroline! I am a Houston based blogger who has been making a full-time income with my parenting and pregnancy blog since early 2017.

I  started blogging after my first daughter was born. I had previously been a workin’ woman and really enjoyed my career. Shortly after my time as a stay at home mom began, I desperately began missing work (yes, really). I wanted to do something that challenged me. I wanted to take on daily tasks that brought me one step closer to my goals. And I definitely wanted to contribute to the household income!


When I first read about mom’s making money blogging, I didn’t even really consider it an option for me, yet I was excited about the idea and really felt drawn to it.

 But I had zero experience building websites. How would I get people to my website? Would they even want to read what I wrote?  I feared failure.

But I took the first steps and started learning along the way. I spent countless hours researching and even more hours perfecting my strategy. It all started working; my blog pageviews were booming within just 30 days of launch! I made a couple hundred dollars my first month, then a thousand, then a couple thousand!

Don’t get me wrong, I made countless mistakes in my early days as a blogger. These mistakes caused me alot of frustration and some money. But I kept on working, researching and tweaking my strategy until I was making a full-time income.

I now make over $5,000 a month (and growing) on my blog. Looking back, I realize that building a successful blog is not difficult, but it can be without the proper tools, techniques and strategies. Hence the start of The Basics of Blogging.

The Basics of Blogging was created to share the strategies that can make any blog a booming business.

The strategies shared on this blog are ones I have personally implemented and found success with on my parenting and pregnancy blog, Swaddles n’ Bottles.  I’ve found such joy and fulfillment from blogging about something I am crazy passionate about, and I hope you will too!

If you’re ready to jump in and start your own blog, I’d be honored to help you along the way. 

For brand new bloggers, I’ve created a seven day email series dedicated to helping you start a profitable blog. We cover SO much in this course and I walk you through everything, step-by-step. Sign up here. 

For those established bloggers looking for a boost, be sure to download Pinning for Pageviews and Mastering Affiliate Marketing. 


A blogger should never stop learning....

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