Starting a Blog was one of the BEST things I ever did.

If you’re on the fence about starting a blog, allow me to push you to the side that is telling your “YES! Go for it!”.

My name is Caroline and I am the owner of Swaddles n’ Bottles, Little Learning Club, and The Basics of Blogging. All three of these websites were started from scratch, by me, and now earn a combined six figured per year.

I started my first blog, Swaddles n’ Bottles, in October 2016 from my lilving room while staying home with my first daughter. Now, it was not an overnight success. I had to work VERY hard and for MANY hours for thosse first few months. But it was all worth it. The pageviews started rolling in and so did the income. My husband and I had just gone from two incomes to one when our daughter was born. The plan was for me to just stay home for the first year and then return to the work force. But now, that was not neccessary! I was making more than I would working outside the home, all while staying home with my baby.

 Starting a blog was one of the best things I ever did!

I would love to walk you through the steps I have taken time and time again to launch successful blogs. I’ve put all the steps into a 7 day email course and made it free to you! From selecting your blog niche to buildng a website, I’d love to help you through the process of launching your website. 

Ready to get started? Let’s jump into it!

Whether you are Hobby Blogging or business blogging, it’s important you are setting yourself up for success from day 1!

Now if you have already been brainstorming about your blog and want to go ahead and buy your domain, I suggest you do it before you name idea is gone! You can check to see if the name is available by typing the name into the box below and hitting “Check Availability”:

Here’s the details on the email course and what you can expect over the 7 days:

Our free 7-day email course covers the following:

  • How to define your niche and zone in on your target audience
  • How to purchase your domain and set up a professional website
  • How to write killer content every time (and what NOT to write about)
  • How you can drive traffic to your brand new blog
  • How to monetize your traffic and make money blogging!
  • How to navigate all the avenues of social media to promote your blog
  • How to keep organized as a blogger and ensure you are productive each and every day
  • An inside look at the top mistakes bloggers make that lead to frustration and failure

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