There is this crazy notion going around the internet that you have to wait at least one year to monetize your blog! I’m here to tell you that is absolutely NOT true. Creating, maintaining, promoting and growing your blog is hard work.  Let’s start reaping the reward of all those hours you’ve put in!

Monetizing your blog to full-time income is totally possible with the right strategy.

The easiest way to monetize as a blogger? Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate marketing is when an online retailer pays you for sales completed based on your referral. This means the customers price is NEVER effected, it’s the seller than pays you!  You can promote the products and services on your blog that you love and use daily and make commissions for doing so. Chances are, you have already mentioned a product or service on your blog that you could have monetized!

Mastering Affiliate Marketing is a step-by-step guide to making money using affiliate links. The strategy shared inthis book is the same strategies I used to grow my brand new blog from $0 at launch date to $5,000 monthly in just 6 months (and it’s still growing like crazy!) Feel free to check out the blog where all the action happens at To view a breakdown of my first 6 month income, see this post.


Here’s what other Blogger have to say about this eBook:

“Affiliate market completely confused me! Outside of sporadic links I’ve never truly known where to start when it comes to making money from my blog. Caroline addresses not only different
avenues of income but how to maximize each one to bring in reoccurring profits. She breaks down each avenue into easy, actionable steps and the little tips she gives you make a big difference to the “big picture”.


Fit As a Mama Bear

“I have taken some of the most expensive and well-known affiliate marketing courses, but find the Mastering Affiliate Marketing ebook to be the highest value resource available. The book breaks down the steps necessary to effectively implement a successful affiliate marketing strategy in a more detailed way than the top affiliate marketing courses – at a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend this ebook!”


Be The Girl

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