The Proof is in the Pageviews

Pinterest is one of the best tools available on the internet for bloggers. It has the capability to bring massive amounts of traffic to your site. There’s one big problem though…

Most bloggers are using Pinterest TOTALLY wrong. And this can cause alot of frustration.

Yes, you may be pinning at all hours of the day. Yes, you may have 10,000 followers. You may even have purchased a super fancy camera to take super beautiful pictures. Yet you still only see minimal amounts of traffic from the site.

What on earth are you missing here? Well first of all…

Pinterest is not a social media platform. It’s a search engine.


And a huge one at that…Pinterest has over 175 MILLION users each month. Even if just a small fraction of those users were in your niche, there is still HUGE pageview potential here.

Secondly, Pinterest operates on a crazy algorithm. This algorithm takes multiple factors into consideration when it decides what pins to show users on their feed when they log in or when they search for something. If you don’t know how the algorithm works, chances are your pins are not making it in front of your target audience.


That’s where Pinning for Pageviews comes in. You have to be using the site properly. Meaning you have to understand how the page works and how you can take advantage of its inner workings.That’s where Pinning for Pageviews comes in.

When I started my Pregnancy and Parenting blog (Swaddles n’ Bottles) in October 2016,  I did massive amounts of research on Pinterest, their algorithm, and how I could use it to my sites benefit. I constantly tweaked my strategy for the first month. In the first 30 days, I had over 95,000 pageviews. The second 30 days brought in 140,000+ pageviews! Here’s a look at my Google Anaylytics for those first 30 days after launch. The first image shows my pageview count after 30 days and the second image shows where all of that traffic was coming from: PINTEREST!


This didn’t happen by a stroke of luck (or what I like to call “pinning on a prayer”). It was strategy. This strategy helped my blog grow to over 1 million pageviews in 6 months.

Now trust me, I know there are sooooo many eBooks out there, many of which cover this same topic. I’m not going to try to tell you that my book is better than another for XYZ reason. There’s no need for an intense sales pitch here. I am providing you with my promotional strategy that I am still using to this day to attract my target audience to Swaddles n’ Bottles.

The proof in in the pageviews.




It's not just me...

Tons of other bloggers are seeing the results after reading this eBook!

Since implementing the Pinning for Pageviews strategies ten days ago, I have increased my daily pageviews from 34 to over 500. I have already ranked for 3 different keywords I was targeting in Pinterest. Until I read Caroline’s book, I thought pinning was enough. Now I know the way to do it effectively and get the results I want. I highly recommend the step-by-step approach Pinning for Pageviews offers.


Be The Girl

Before taking the plunge into this ebook I never actually considered Pinterest to be useful (I didn’t even have a personal account!). But after implementing even just a few of the tips from the book my followers began to climb and so did traffic to my blog. My pageviews increased over 600% in 2 months! The small insights that Caroline gives (in addition to the big basics) are what make this eBook worth the read and the way she breaks down her tips make the actions easy to implement.


Fit As a Mama Bear

Here’s what’s inside this eBook:

  • In depth breakdown of the Pinterest Algorithm and how you can use it to heavily increase your pins being seen by your target audience.
  • How to grow your direct followers organically and without spending hours doing it.
  • How to take your Pinterest reach into the MILLIONS even if you only have a few thousand followers (yes, I do this with less than 5k followers!)
  • What elements you should have (and should avoid) when creating your pins in order to attract new followers
  • How to use your Pinterest Analytics to adjust your strategy based on what boards and pins are performing best
  • The free tool that allows you to see which terms are the most searched on Pinterest in order to write killer SEO descriptions
  • Direct view of my pinning schedule including how I loop my pins  (Quick note: you can apply the techniques in this eBook WITHOUT a scheduling tool. I personally do use one and will show you how I use it, but you do not have to in order to see results. It may take more work, but it’s possible)
  • How to schedule 90 days worth of Pinterest content in 1 hour

  • Downloadable Pinning schedule that helps you implement the Pinning for Pageviews strategies (can be done WITHOUT a scheduler!)

As a business blogger, an investment of $34 isn’t too bad for all of this information! Plus, the instant download means you’ll be able to start putting these practices into play on your blog today.


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