How to set up Rich Pins on your Pinterest profile to build a following and increase your blog traffic!


Rich pins are pins that have extra information on them.

Rich pins pull data from you blog post and place it directly on your pin. Think of it as an “enhanced” pin.

This can be very beneficial for your blog and for your traffic. As we talk about in the Pinning for Pageviews eBook, it’s one more way to get your pins into the “pool”.


The article that Pinterest provides on how to set up Rich Pins is a little intimidating. They use some crazy terms and include a lot of coding. It can be scary! But it doesn’t have to be. If you are blogging with WordPress, you can do it in three easy steps with the help of the YOAST SEO plug in.  


Make sure you have your page set up for “advanced page settings”. You can do this under the features tab in YOAST. Be sure to scroll down and save!




2.     Your page is now ready to be validated for Rich Pins by Pinterest. Head to the validator page. Copy and paste any link from your blog other than your homepage and click “validate”.

3..     After you click validate, you will see a message that says “your pins have been validated”. You will now see an option to “apply for rich pins”. Click apply and you are done!

If for some reason your pins are not validated, Pinterest will give you a few reasons why. You will be able to correct and re-validate once everything is in line.

My application for Rich Pins was approved in less than an hour, however I have read for some it may take aa day or two. Once Approved, your website name and favicon will show up on your pins.

Now, make sure you are using those pins correctly! Check out the details on the Pinning for Pageviews eBook. It’s a step-by step strategy that will transform your Pinterest game and start bringing in those pageviews!

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