Is having a sticky blog even a good thing?

YES! You want your readers to “stick” around! Having a sticky blog means that when someone makes their way to your website, they are viewing 2,3 or even more of your posts! They are stuck and they don’t even want to leave! Your content is just that on point! Let’s talk about how to make them stick…


If people decide they want to browse around you blog, you need to make it easy on them. Your main menu on your blog needs to be easy to see and set up in a logical way. The most common way to organize your menu is with your blog posts categories. Earlier we decided on your niche, now it’s time to break that down into your blog categories. While you may think that this isn’t important, it can be a huge headache to go back and organize at a later date. Think about how you will organize your posts into clear and easy to understand categories for your readers. Think about what you will offer your readers through your blog posts. If you plan on doing a cooking website, will you have a variety of meal types that could easily be categorized (Breakfast, lunch dinner? Or maybe Slow Cooker, 15 Minute Dinner Ideas or Slow Roasted Over meals?) You want your categories to be descriptive, but not so much so that you have to have 15 of them. You want to have an average of 4-7 categories on your site. Screen Shots for how to set up menu.


WordPress has the option under the Setting> Reading section to set up a “Related Post” area at the bottom of your blog post. Make sure you have this set up! It’s a quick and easy tool that puts a second reading option in front of your reader at just the right time!


You want to be sure that if a reader decides to stick around your site and browse, hey have the option to do so! A Search Bar is a simple tool to install to your website that could bring more pageviews and a lower bounce rate!

Under the Appearance option on your main WordPress menu, you will see the option for Widgets. We will talk much more in the Build Your Following eBook on how Widgets can seriously increase your engagement, but for now, just make sure that you have the search widget near the top of your sidebar where it is easy for readers to find.



Your sidebar is a spotlight on your blog. Place your best content there! Create a graphic in Canva with the proper dimensions and link it back to the blog post.

If the current blog post you are writing has an obvious connection to another, highlight it in the text. This is the most highly converting option you have when it comes to getting your readers to a second page.

For example: A recipe for cream cheese banana bread would easily connect to a recipe for banana bread muffins. Invite your readers to check it out. “if you love this recipe, be sure to check out our banana bread muffin recipe here”.

 Try to find a minimum of at least 3 connections with other blog posts in each new post.

If you are still spinning your wheels on how to increase your pageviews, be sure to check out the Pinning for Pageviews eBook here.


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