If you’ve read Pinning for Pageview, you know how important it is to have your Pinterest profile up to the standards that Pinterest needs to trust your profile. There are a ton of small little places that need proper SEO, websites verified, rich pin instillation… but what about the visual aspects of your profile, like your board covers? There are a few key benefits that come from having board covers:

• It’s a great opportunity to showcase your brand to your followers and people browsing your profile. Brand recognition is very important on Pinterest (read more about how to achieve this here). Your board covers should be a reflection of your brand.

• Board covers really help keep your collection of boards clean and organized. If a browser makes their way to your profile and feels overwhelmed by all the crazy amount of boards, they are likely to turn away. But if they feel you are a organized pinner that they can easily refer to for content, they are more likely to follow you.

Making your Board Covers

Canva is my favorite online tool for my blog (next to Pinterest, of course). If you have never used Canva, I would highly recommend taking some time to play around with its features. The opportunities for graphics are endless!

To make you board covers, start by creating a “custom dimension” design. Input 564 x 564 pixels.

Note: Pinterest likes to flip the script on us a lot when it comes to board covers and dimensions. This is the size needed as of August 2017. If there are any changes, I’ll be sure to update!

Custom Dimensions for Canva Board Covers

Once you have your blank design, it’s time to add in your branded material! I recommend going with a clean, easy to read design. I’m going to use a white background with a bold font.

Making Pinterest Board Covers in Canva

As with any marketing materials, I want to make sure my logo is included. This logo was also created in Canva.

I have saved my logo as its own image in my “uploads” section so I do not have to re-create it every time. I just add it to the top of all of my images.

Board Cover for Pinterest Board
Once the graphic is complete, we want to save and download. As with all Images that I add to Pinterest, I want to make sure I am including SEO descriptions on my photos and not simply saving it as “Untitled1”.
How to properly name your graphics for SEO purposes
Saving your Canva graphics for Pinterest Boards
Once downloaded, I pin the board cover to the board it is intended for. I link the pin back to my website, specifically the category page that relates best to the board material.
How to upload board cover pin

Once the pin is uploaded, I want to edit the board to set the correct pin as the cover. Do this by selecting the small pencil icon in the upper left corner when viewing your board. Once the editing menu has popped up, select change board cover. Select your newly created board cover.

Voila! DONE!

Final Board Cover Results

Repeat this process for every board you own and would like a cover for. Again, this is almost as important as making sure your profile is up to the Pinterest standards. If you haven’t read Pinning for Pageviews, you could be missing out on some serious traffic getting to your blog! Download it here.

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